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All of our staff are very experienced in working effectively with vulnerable teenagers who have learning difficulties and/or social and emotional development issues caused by early life trauma. Our skilled and dedicated staff tailor individual behaviour management strategies to improve students’ trust, self-esteem and confidence.

The staff receive training in a variety of areas such as the effective use of attachment theory, systemic theory, mental health needs, also ensuring that staff are up to date with the developing importance that neuroscience has to play in our understanding of child development.

Our team provides therapeutic opportunities to enable students to unpick and think about their difficult feelings so that they can understand their behaviour and internal conflicts. This enables our young people develop their ability to build relationships, understand their feelings, manage their own behaviour and eventually become motivated and enthusiastic learners prepared for a successful life beyond school.

Teaching Staff



Senior Leader, SENCO, English & Maths Lead

Amran Suleman

Head Teacher



Assistant to the Head & Outdoor Education Lead

Arthur Thompson

PE Lead & Maths Teacher

Jack Jessop

Nick Storey

PSHE Lead & Humanities Teacher

Science Lead & Humanities Teacher



Teaching Assistant English



Teaching Assistant Maths

School Management Committee

Angela O'Neil


Allan O'Neil


Lesley Brind

Operations Manager

Amran Suleman

Head of School

Ian Redford

Advisory Consultant & Chair

David Snaith

School Improvement Partner

David Campbell

Parent Committee Member

Encourage – Achieve - Aspire

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Safeguarding is a key priority across all Howard House Ltd's Services.

We are committed to effectively promoting the safety and well-being of children and young people and protecting all vulnerable individuals in our services from any form of abuse