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Our ambitious and inclusive individualised curriculum which is consistent with our vision and priorities, where pupils and staff thrive in a ‘family’ atmosphere of opportunity and challenge, learning with and from each other by sharing ideas which are valued and respected so that students can develop and achieve excellent outcomes that prepare them for life after school. 

Our curriculum model is designed to enable effective transition and induction into the school to promote and embed positive trusting relationships as soon as possible, so that students feel safe, valued and happy.  We are passionately committed to inclusion and the entitlement for every single pupil to access a curriculum that meets his or her interests and needs.

We nurture pupils to become caring positive role models and active moral citizens within their community. This provides long-term benefits in terms of community cohesion, positive community contributions and economic wellbeing.  Meta-cognition, self-regulation approaches and learning skills are taught to enable students to develop their reliance, resourcefulness and independent learning capabilities. Pupils regularly follow project-based learning approaches within and across a range of subjects, working together with community and local business, producing a ‘product’ or performance, to enhance their community engagement and enterprise skills. Subjects covered include English, mathematics, Science, information technology,  PSHE, British values, physical education, Independent living skills, mindfulness, careers education social enrichment activities, humanities, art, music and a broad range of vocational work experience opportunities.

We recognise that some children need additional support to help them to achieve and reach their potential. Early and highly targeted interventions and therapies are fundamental to secure progress above national expectations. The school curriculum recognises each pupil’s individual learning requirements. Our rich and vibrant personalised learning approaches are underpinned by innovative and creative use of outdoor environments and modern technology. This engages and motivates all students to learn and strive to become the very best they can be. 

The curriculum encourages pupils to develop confidence in themselves as independent, enthusiastic, resilient life-long learners, equipping them with the skills and attributes, ultimately creating highly employable citizens for the future of our communities. We believe that pupils respond best when they enjoy and have ownership of their learning, where learning experiences are connected, relevant and achieved through practical, purposeful, active learning every day. Our curriculum has a strong focus on personal enrichment, British Values, SMSC, and PHSE, through lessons, cross-curricular themes, assemblies, one to one tutor sessions and extended activities to promote learning and emotional development. This extends into the community through multicultural activities, work experience, volunteering and charity work.

Pupils entering below expected progress for their chronological age receive ‘Catch-up’ English and/or mathematics lessons to ensure that their gaps in learning are closed at the earliest possible opportunity.  Literacy and numeracy are crucial for equipping pupils with life-long skills for effective social interactions and future employability.  It is therefore essential, that in addition to specific English and Mathematic lessons, literacy and numeracy skills are embedded throughout the curriculum, driven by our literacy and numeracy coordinators. Dedicated specialist training and development time focuses on effective marking, feedback and Spelling, Punctuation and Gramma (SPaG) strategies to improve pupil outcomes. All pupils are given dedicated reading sessions during English lessons and tutorial time, incorporating peer reading and Renaissance reading approaches.

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Safeguarding is a key priority across all Howard House Ltd's Services.

We are committed to effectively promoting the safety and well-being of children and young people and protecting all vulnerable individuals in our services from any form of abuse