Quality Assurance

As an improving school, we are fully committed to continuously reviewing and evaluating all our practices and procedures to ensure we provide the highest quality of education possible for all our students.


Our commitment to review and evaluate all our practices also enables us to constantly monitor the quality of support, training and continued professional development (CPD) that we offer the staff at Howard House School.


Self-evaluation processes enable us to gain knowledge of our current strengths, as well as highlighting areas for further development – but the process does not end there. We are committed to developing strategies and structures that support staff to develop their skills and knowledge in order to impact on the constant improvement of teaching, learning and high quality educational provision.


Howard House School will regularly review its practices in order to continually improve its effectiveness at all levels. Quality assurance and self-evaluation procedures will operate at an individual, team and whole school level and will always frame review processes within a simple structure:

  • How well am I/are we doing?

  • How do I/we know?

  • What are my/our strengths or weaknesses?

  • What should I/we do to improve?

Encourage – Achieve - Aspire

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to all Howard House School Staff, to the governing body and as consultants; to students; to parents, parishes and wider community members.


Who is responsible for carrying out this policy?

The implementation of this policy will be monitored by the governing body and remain under constant review by the Headteacher and the senior leadership team.


Procedures, Review and Evaluation at Whole school level

The Governing Body will regularly review and evaluate Howard House School’s practice through:

  • Feedback from Local Authority consultants

  • Termly Full Governor’s meetings

  • Regular liaison with the Headteacher


The Headteacher will regularly review and evaluate Howard House School’s practice through:

  • The evaluation of relevant data

  • Weekly meetings with the Howard House senior leadership team

  • Teacher Appraisal with staff including lesson observations.

  • Implementation of the Whole School Development Plan

  • Regular line management meetings with teachers

  • The evaluation of relevant data

  • Leading Examination Review meetings

  • Implementation of relevant areas of the Whole School Development Plan.

  • Regular line management meetings


Review and Evaluation at Individual level (Teaching and Learning)

All classroom staff will regularly review and evaluate their practice through:

  • Continual day to day reflection on the effectiveness of their practice

  • The evaluation of relevant data

  • Line management meetings with the Headteacher

  • Teacher Appraisal meetings with the Headteacher


Additional Quality Assurance procedures

Additional specific procedures will include:

  • Additional observations of colleagues at work

  • The sampling of students’ work/book scrutiny

  • Reviews of teams or individuals by external consultants/ professionals.

  • Team, thematic or Whole School Inspections carried out by OFSTED or HMI.

  • Student Voice

  • Parental Questionnaires

  • Community Liaison



Regular statutory Quality Assurance procedures

Additional statutory annual procedures are followed to ensure we meet agreed national standards in:

  • Health and Safety (Including fire safety)

  • Academy Financial Regulations

  • Safeguarding Children



Reviewed: March 2019

Next Review: March 2020

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