Equal Opportunity Policy: Inclusion, Equality and Diversity

Howard House School is committed to making the school a fully accessible and inclusive organisation that welcomes and respects the diversity of its students, staff, community and visitors to the school.


The Single Equalities and Diversity policy ensures that the school complies with equalities legislation and satisfies the Ofsted criteria for making judgements relating to equalities, diversity and inclusive practice.

Inclusion is


Giving everybody equal opportunities


Equality is


  • About creating a fairer society where everyone can participate and have the opportunity to fulfil their potential – creating a level playing field.

  • About removing or reducing all forms of unfair discrimination and has been underpinned by legislation.

  • About breaking down barriers for people in particular groups such as black and minority ethnic communities, disabled people, gay men/lesbians/bisexuals/transgender people, younger and older people, people from different religious & faith backgrounds, and men and women.

Diversity is


  • About including everyone.

  • Valuing differences.

  • Harnessing differences in individuals to the benefit of both the organisation and the individual, by allowing people with different perspectives and views to use their unique blend of skills and character to improve the quality and performance of the organisation.

Having a better understanding of the diverse needs of our community.

Disabled person

Someone who has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-today activities

The aim of this policy

The aim of this policy is to provide an overall framework for the school’s action to:


  • Promote equality and eliminate unlawful discrimination for students, staff and others using school facilities.

  • Make it clear that equality and diversity are embedded in all of the school’s policies and practices.

  • Promote community cohesion by creating opportunities for students to interact with those from different backgrounds to themselves to enrich their understanding of community and diversity.

Legislation identifies 6 equality strands as a structure for this framework:

  1. Race

  2. Gender

  3. Disability

  4. Religion/belief

  5. Sexual orientation

  6. Age

Our Commitment to Equalities and Diversity

The school will ensure that this policy and accompanying documentation are accessible in appropriate formats and making them available on request. The school will ensure that procedures are in place to consider complaints or concerns.


Procedures at school level are in place for dealing with allegations of harassment or discrimination and for recording and reporting racist incidents.


The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is the enforcement body for equalities legislation and may serve the school with a Compliance Notice if it fails in its specific duties under the Acts. The school wishes to comply with all its duties however if found wanting would endeavour to put right within 3 months.


The aims will be achieved strategically by implementing with school priorities as identified in the School Development Plan. Equalities actions are embedded in existing school policies and practice, including procedures for regular monitoring and review.


The school will continue to review appropriate support and training and make it available for all staff, including Governors, to develop their practice in equalities and diversity work.

Policy statements

Howard House School intends that:


  • Every member of the school community feels a sense of belonging and is valued.

  • The diversity of people’s different backgrounds and circumstances are appreciated and positively valued.

  • This is an inclusive school which promotes positive life opportunities for all members of the school community, regardless of their background and circumstances.

  • Strong and positive relationships are developed between people from different backgrounds within the school, its local community and national and global communities.

  • The promotion of high standards of behaviour in the school and developing a sense of personal responsibility is regarded as a key contributor to community cohesion and respect for others.

  • The school is committed to the early identification of students’ additional needs and to working in partnership with parents, schools and support services to set targets and provide appropriate intervention.

  • School publications and meetings will have regard to recognising achievements in, and promoting development of, equalities, diversity and inclusion.

  • Students will have opportunities to study issues relating to intolerance and prejudice (including ageism, sexism and homophobia, religious prejudice, racism and racial discrimination).

  • Accurate information about the academic progress of all students will be kept alongside information about their gender, ethnic origin, disability, first language and religious affiliation.


Howard House School believes that members of the school community, irrespective of their ethnicity, age, sexuality, religion, belief, disability or gender:


  • Will, if necessary, receive support to ensure that their needs are met, within the limits of the resources available.

  • Will be involved in decisions being made about them.

  • Will have all forms of harassment dealt with appropriately and be encouraged to challenge prejudices.

  • Will have opportunities to learn how people have challenged, or can challenge, discrimination and stereotypes based on ethnicity, age, sexuality, religion, belief, disability or gender.

  • Will have access to a broad, balanced and relevant learning and training opportunity and range of activities.

  • Will be encouraged to celebrate the diversity of the community.

  • Will be discouraged from using ageist, sexist, racist homophobic and demeaning language that makes fun of people because of their religion or beliefs, and they will be commended when they challenge such language.

  • Will support victims of discriminatory behaviour, abuse and harassment.

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