Careers Guidance Policy

Careers education, guidance and advice are an integral part of your child's curriculum and experience at Howard House School.

All students at Howard House study ASDAN Employability qualification which is tailored to each year group. The ASDAN Employability qualification is designed to help learners develop the skills needed to become successful employees.


The primary purpose of this qualification is to support them in overcoming barriers to entering work. It is primarily intended for young people and adults who are not yet ready for employment but for whom a job is a realistic aim within a reasonable timescale. It may also suit those experiencing the workplace for the first time that need to develop employability skills.

Alongside our efforts, home support and guidance is critical to help your child make post-16 decisions that are best for them.

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We are committed to effectively promoting the safety and well-being of children and young people and protecting all vulnerable individuals in our services from any form of abuse