Howard House Care

100% of school leavers from 2014-15 and 2015-16 are currently in full-time education, employment or training. Students leave with good GCSE grades in English and Maths and a range of optional subjects and further qualifications.

At Howard House School students embark on a variety of short courses such as First Aid, Food Hygiene and E-Safety/ICT.

In 2015-16

100% of students achieved grade A*-C in ICT
100% of students achieved grade A*-C in Mathematics GCSE

Howard House School

Howard House School provides a setting where pupils can begin to address the myriad of problems that may confront and, or confuse them. We aim to provide a safe non-threatening environment where issues of abuse, bullying and social exclusion can be addressed.

In terms of learning, our pupils, prior to arriving at Howard House School, have usually had poor educational experience, be that through their own chosen non-attendance, or a history of disrupted schooling. Engaging pupils in learning is the first step and then delivering opportunities for them to pursue courses that they are prepared to engage with is the second.